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Cabal Online

Cabal Online

Cabal force core upgrade & catalyst tips

Cabal force core upgrade & catalyst tips
Here are the force core upgrade tips for cabalianz beginer.this are just the catalyst & random guide in the force core upgrade...

+0 to +1 - Fail = nothing happens
+1 to +2 - Fail = nothing happens
+2 to +3 - Fail = nothing happens
+3 to +4 - Fail = nothing happens
+4 to +5 - Fail = -1 to +3
+5 to +6 - Fail = -1 to +4
+6 to +7 - Fail = -6 to +0

-The catalyst used must either be one grade less/equal or many grades higher than the equipment you're upgrading (for example for Titaniumy as a catalyst the lowest grade usable is Bluestien. Anything Titanium or higher is usable)

- If you fail an upgrade, only the catalyst and force core (or upgrade cores) used will be gone. The equip you're upgrading still remains.

- The best lvl 1 Upgrades are hp and critic dmg! (you can only add hp on suits and boots and critic on helms and weopens)

- Gloves are realy special because u can add nothing realy good, many choose Attack+2 or def+2 but u should try a lvl 2 upgrade on gloves (maybe 2% Hp steal or max critic rate 2%)

- "Sword/Magic Amp", "Skill exp +4" or "2 Slot item drop times" in a slot are drops from mobs only (means all mobs have a certain chance for such a drop(a low chance ofc))

- First chance to get a succes is 75% (if you have a double slotted item the second slot will have a 50% chance)

- You Only should use low cores if u want to increase the succes rate!!! (You Will save some money )

Cabal online guide monster item drop

This guide is on the rare item drops such as jewelry, bike key, astral board and other items.


Vampiric Earring +0
Lakeside : Bloody Orcs

Volcanic Citadel : Dark Phallanx

Vampiric Earring +1
Lakeside : Bloody Orcs

Vampiric Earring +2
Lakeside : Bloody Orc Mage

Mutant Forest : Mossites, Viant
Forgotten Temple B1F : Any chest of the dungeon

Vampiric Earring +3 / +4
B2F : Random chest in B2F (Vamp +4)

Lakeside : Dark Troll (+3), Berderk Faello (+3 and +4)
Forgotten Temple B1F : Random mobs (+4), Key Quest Chest
Volcanic Citadel : Force Archer Boss

Life Absorb Bracelet +0
Forgotten Ruin : Fire Beetle

Bracelet of Fighter +1
Lakeside : Bloody Orc Mage

Bracelet of Brute +2
Lakeside : Bloody Orc

Volcanic Citadel : Flame Hounds (Bracelet of Brute +2 with Sword amp 3%)

Bracelet of Sage +2 / of Fighter +2
Lakeside : Bloody Harpy Warrior

Forgotten Temple B1F : Key Quest Chest
Mutant Forest : Mossites

Bracelet of Sage +3 / of Fighter +3
Lakeside : Berderk Faello (both), Bloody Orcs (BoF3), Bloody Orc Mage(BoF3)

Forgotten Temple B1F : All mobs/chests of the dungeonB1F : Any mob inside the dungeon

Bracelet of Sage +4 / of Fighter +4
B2F : Death Soldier (BoF+4)

Forgotten Temple B1F : Key Quest Chest, Random mob (could be any mob i think)
Volcanic Citadel : Any mob of the land (random drop)Lakeside : Berderk Faello

Bracelet of Fighter/Sage +2 - Slotted
Pontus Ferrum : Any mob of the land

Mutant Forest : Branny, Ectoflowers (BoF)

Bracelet of Serenity +1
Lakeside : Bloody Orc Mage

Evasion Earring +0
Forgotten Ruin : Giant Scorpion

Evasion Earring +1
Lakeside : Bloody Orc mage

Protection Earring +2
Mutant Forest : Mossites

Mana Absorb Bracelet +1
Lakeside : Bloody Orc, Bloody Orc Mage

Extortion Bracelet +4
Volcanic Citadel : Paaks chest (last phalanx boss)

Vital Earring +1
Forgotten Ruin : Blade Peryton

Vital Earring +2
Lakeside : Bloody Orc, Dark Gnoll Mage, Dark Gnolls

Earring of Guard +2
Mutant Forest :Mossites

Forgotten Temple B1F : Any chest of the dungeonLakeside : Bloody Orc

Earring of Guard +3 / +4
Volcanic_Citadel : Wizard Boss Chest (EoG+4)Lakeside : Bloody Orc, Berderk Faello

Forgotten Temple B1F : Any mob/chest of the dungeon (both earrings)
B2F : Any mob of the dungeon

Astral Core : Blue Mithril
Pontus Ferrum : Penna, Pluma, Quadra, Gravis

Forgotten Temple B1F : First Chest in B1F and the Key Quest chests

Shapes/Discs LVL4
Undead_Ground : Vampire Steward+ (shape lvl 4)

Forgotten Ruin : Giant Scorpions, Fire Beetles
Mutant Forest : Ectoleafs, BrannyLakeside : All the mobs of the land

Astral Skull
B1F : Any mob of the dungeon

B2F : Any mob of the dungeon
Forgotten Temple B1F : Any mob/chest of the dungeon
Volcanic Citadel : Any mob of the dungeon

Force Core Highest / Upgrade Core Highest
Chaos Arena

Pontus Ferrum : PF Bosses
Mutant Forest : Branny, Ectoleafs
Forgotten Temple B1F : All chests in FT B1F

Amulet of Guard +6
Fort Ruina : Mechzards+

Amulet of Guard +7 - Requirement for Circuits Level 6
Undead Ground : Wraiths, Spectors, Death Soldiers

Forgotten Ruin : Giant Scorpions, Hexacyther, Cockatrice
B1F : Any mob of the dungeon
Ruina Station : Any mob of the dungeon
Forgotten Temple B1F : All mobs in the dungeon

Ring of Luck +2
Forgotten Ruin : All the mobs of the land

Mutant Forest : Ectoflower

Astral Boards
Fort Ruina : Auto Cannon-Ex

Plates of Honor
Forgotten Ruin : All the mobs of the land

Astral Board X2 - Green
Fort Ruina : Hound S-01

Astral Board Card : Type Zero Black
Port Lux : Crag Turtle, Stone Golem, Dark Blader, Flame Hounds

Fort Ruina : Hound S-01, Mechamender, Mechazard, Auto Cannons-Ex
Undead Ground : Zombie Slater
Forgotten Ruin : Ancient Cocatrice

Astral Board Card : Type Zero Silver
Port Lux : Peryton, Peryton+

Fort Ruina : Mechzards+
Undead Ground : Ghost Blader, Wraith

Blue Bike
B1F : Legacy chest in B1F (last one), Mergaheph’s Chest

Ruina Station : Any chest of the dungeon.

Bike RW-3
Ruina Station : Any chest of the dungeon.

Lakeside : Berderk Faello
Forgotten Ruin : Monakus Karion
Volcanic Citadel : Force Archer Boss
B1F : Vampire chest (Pertz)

Slot extender (High)
Lakeside : Bloody Harpy Slave, Bloody Harpy Warrior, Berderk Faello

B1F : Pertz’s Chest, Megaherph’s Chest

Slot Extender (Medium)
B1F : Last Legacy Chest of the Dungeon.

Volcanic Citadel : Last chest of the DungeonLake in Dusk : Zigdris Faello

Slot extender (Low)
Fort Ruina : Mechzard

Volcanic Citadel : Paaks (chest), Jakkr (chest)DT Dungeons 60+ : Any mob of the dungeonVolcanic Citadel : @the Blader Boss

Plasma Coating Kit
Lake in Dusk : Troll

Ruina Station : Any mob inside the dungeonB1F : Any mob or chest
Forgotten Temple B1F : Any mob in the dungeon
Chaos Arena : Pluma (lvl 125-170)
B2F : Andreas Schultz Chest, Prinz Verzen Chest

Powerless Core
Mutant Forest : Branny, Ectoleafs, Ectoflowers, Mushed, Mossites

Undead Ground : Lihorns, Vampire Servant+Port_Lux : Dark Bladers, GolemsMutant Forest : Mossites

Upgrade Core Highest
Pontus Ferrum : ARM-01 Assassin, UMD-02 Cornus
Common Metal Fragment

Ruina Station : Mecha Ape Archer, Mecha Buffalo

Illusion Coral
Lake in Dusk : Venom Toads, All bosses inside LiD

Volcanic Citadel : @FA Boss

50x Hp Potion(Lv3)
50x MP Potion(Lv3)
50x Return Stone
Upgrade Core(Low)
Upgrade Core(Medium)
Upgrade Core(High)
Force Core(High)
Slot Extender(Low)
Slot Extender(Medium)
Slot Extender(High)
Map Part
Muster Card Ruina Station
Epaulette of the Dead

Epaulette of the Dead(B2F)
Plates of HonorAstral Board - All types

Astral Bike RW-3
Plasma Coating Kit
Epaulette of Fighter/Sage/Guardian +6
Any Extract potions
Shining Yellow Powder

Epaulet drop guide

This guide is on the Epaulet Monster item drop.

Epaulettes +3
Bloody Ice : Ape Zombie, Shade, GhostsDesert Scream : Lug QueenGreen_Despair : Moscutter, Mosscyther, Wriggle Leaf, Moscutter QueenPort_Lux : Phantom Crew, Peryton, Crag Toad, Flame Hound, Stone Golem, Stone Gargoyles, Dark Bladers, BugdolphyFort_Ruina : Mechazard

Epaulette of Guardian +4
Port_Lux : Ghoul, Dark BladersFort_Ruina : Mecha Buffalo, AutoCannons-OPDT Parasite House : Plant Pantherhorn

Epaulette of Sage +4
Fort_Ruina : Electric Bird, Auto Cannon-Ex, Mechabuffalo, MechzardsDesert Scream : Lug QueenPort_Lux : Ghoul, Dark Bladers, Bugshark+,

Epaulette of Fighter +4
Port_Lux : Dark BladerFort_Ruina : MechamenderDT Lighthouse Maze : Bugshark

Epaulette of Guardian +5
Fort_Ruina : Electric Bird, MechabuffaloDT Parasite House : Wriggle Leaf + (boss)Undead Ground: Lihorn Zombie, Ghost Blader, Zombie FighterExilian Volcano (Patren Patren) : Any mob in Patren, Patren quest dungeonForgotten Ruin : Fire Beetle

Epaulette of Fighter +5
Exilian Volcano (Patren Patren) : Any mob in Patren, PatrenUndead Ground : Lihorn Zombie, Zombie FighterForgotten Ruin : Two-Headed Hound, Lihorna

Epaulette of Sage +5
Fort Ruina : MechzardsUndead Ground : Zombie Fighter, Zombie Slater, SpectorExilian Volcano (Patren Patren) : Any mob in Patren, Patren dungeonLake in Dusk : Venom Toads

Shadow Epaulette of Sage +5
Lake in Dusk : First boss on the left side (before the Ruins of Dusk gate)

Epaulette of Fighter +6
Undead Ground : Wraith, SpectorForgotten Ruin : Stone Beetle, Fire Beetle, Giant Scorpion, Lihorna, Two-Headed HoundB1F : Any mob of the dungeonRuina Station : Any mob of the dungeonVolcanic Citadel : Any mob/chest of the dungeon

Epaulette of Guardian +6
Undead Ground: Death Giant, SpectorForgotten Ruin : Stone Beetle, CockatriceRuina Station : Any mob of the dungeonVolcanic Citadel : Any mob/chest of the dungeonB1F : Frozen Slaugher Zombie

Epaulette of Sage +6
Undead Ground : Spector, Death GiantsForgotten Ruin : Sand Lihorn, Stone Beetle, Fire Beetle, Giant ScorpionRuina Station : Any mob of the dungeonVolcanic Citadel : Any mob/chest of the dungeon

Epaullete of Sage/Fighter/Guardian +7
Lakeside : Berderk FaelloB1F : Any mob inside B1F dungeonVolcanic Citadel : Last chest, First boss (archer) - EoG+7Forgotten Ruin : Second Bird Boss

Formula Cards drop guide

This guide is on the rare item drops such as Formula Cards drop.


Number 001 - 002 - 003 - 004 - 005
Port_Lux : Core Alchemist (honor rank class 2 required)
Fort_Ruina : Mechzards (No5)

Number 006 : Concentration Potion Lvl 1
Fort_Ruina : Mechzards+
Undead Ground : Lihorn Zombie, Spector, Wraith
Forgotten Ruin : Hexscyther

Number 007 : Reflex Potion Lvl 1
Fort_Ruina : Mechzards

Number 008 : Vital Potion Lvl 1
Undead Ground : Undead Soldier

Number 009 : Sharpness Potion Lvl 1

Number 010 : Mana condense Potion Lvl 1
Fort_Ruina : Auto Cannons Ex
Undead Ground : Lihorn Zombie

Number 011 - 012 - 013 - 014
Fort_Ruina : Core Alchemist (honor rank class 3 required), Mechzards (No12)

Number 018 : Hardness Potion Lvl 1
Fort_Ruina : Hounds S-01, Mechzards

Number 022 : Return Stone
Fort_Ruina : Core Alchemist (honor rank class 4 required)

Number 023 : HP Pots Level 2
Fort_Ruina : Hounds S-01

Number 024 :
Fort_Ruina : Mechzards

Number 025 :
Fort_Ruina : Hounds SP

Number 030 : Epaulette of Certification +2
Port_Lux : Stone Golem, Peryton+

Number 032 - 039 - 040 - 042
Lake in Dusk : Wurk, Radark, Jidarsch, Fashik, Pogarr, Ballu, Pirouro, Hauk, Lehifee, Ergdusu, Etuor, Caschnarr, Rik, Haschnarc, Grischnarc.

Number 033 : Concentration Potion Lvl 2
Lakeside : Bloody Orc Mage

Number 037 : Manacondense Potion Lvl 2
Lakeside : Bloody Orc Mage

Number 038 : Health Potions Lvl 2
Undead Ground : Death Giant

Number 041 : Mana Potions Lvl 2
Undead Ground : Death Soldiers, Lihorns

Number 051 : Upgrade Core (Crystal)
Forgotten Ruin: Lihorna

Number 052 :
Forgotten Ruin: Giant Scorpion, Fire Beetles

Number 053 : Extract Potion STR
Forgotten Ruin: Stone Beetle

Number 054 : Extract Potion DEX
Forgotten Ruin: Stone Beetle

Number 055 : Extract Potion INT
Forgotten Ruin: Giant Scorpion

Number 056
Mutant Forest : Branny
Lakeside : Bloody Ogres
Forgotten Temple B1F : Chests

Number 063 : Vitalregen Potion Lvl 2
Lakeside : Bloody Orc

Number 065 : Hardness Potion Lvl 2
Lakeside : Bloody Orc, Bloody mage

Number 066 : Strike Potion Lvl 2
Lakeside : Dark Trolls, Bloody Orc Mage

Number 078 : Extender Circuit
Forgotten Ruin : Blade Peryton

Number 079 : Glory Potion Lvl 1
Lakeside : Bloody Harpy Warrior.

Number 080 :
Mutant Forest : Branny
Forgotten Temple B1F : Chests

Number 084 : Fury Potion Lvl 2
Lakeside : Bloody Harpy Warrior
B2F : Death Flower

Number 085 : Concentration Lvl 3
B2F : Phantom Blader

Number 086 : Reflex Potion Lvl 3
B2F : Flame Zombie Warrior
Lakeside : Dark Trolls

Number 087 : Vital Potion Lvl 3
Lakeside : Bloody Harpy Warrior

Number 091 : Plasma Plug
Ruina Station : All mobs in the dungeon

Number 096 : Upgrade Core Lvl 2
Ruina Station : All mobs in the dungeon

Number 095 : Epaulette Of Certification +5
Forgotten Ruin : Blade Peryton

Number 096 : Upgrade Core Medium
Ruina Station : Random chest

Number 100
Mutant_Forest : Branny, Ectoleafs
Forgotten Temple B1F : Chests

Number 104 : Vital Regeneration Potion Lvl 3
Lakeside : Stone Gargoyles (LS3)

Number 106 : Hardness Potion Lvl 3
Lakeside : Stone Gargoyles (LS3)

Number 110 : Epaulette Of Certification +6
Ruina Station : All mobs in the dungeon + chests

Number 111 : Force Cores
B1F : Frozen Slayer Zombie

Number 120 : Epaulette Of Certification +7
Forgotten Temple B1F : Chests



We have to stop depending on EstSoft to increase our drops and start freaking farming with what they gave us already (which is MORE THAN ENOUGH)

Message to the low levels ( <100)>100) : If you find the items on the market, DO NOT PERFORM RESELLING (buy low / sell high). Don't become high level noobs and try to make a quick cash. Share the items with friends in-game or guilds that can afford to make the whole set and then start farming.

Hello, As you well know, all the players on this forum complain about drops. I won't say that the drops are too low , or that the drops are too high. For me and a few others, THE RATE OF DROP does not matter anymore. Why ? Read below.

I will only tell you things that i have TRIED on my own in Update406 (not Episode 1 , not Episode 2)
The drop is influenced by the player DEALING THE MOST DAMAGE (but if you go as a party and each member has an identical set, you kill MUCH faster and get the same effect)
The drop set affects the dungeon chests IF you have above 45 times.

I know i got flamed for this many times, before episode 2, it didn't, or i didn't have more than 45 to test with in the first place. Now i have 45 and i can assure you, it does. Maybe they changed it, maybe it's the same as pre-EP2 . Who cares ? It works, that's all i care about.

The drop set affects (increases) all types of drops

Yes, you heard me right. Go in LS and start farming those discs .. While normal grinding (monster killing) i observed that crafting materials start dropping, amulets, rings, discs, shapes, basic crafting materials, they all begin to drop.
Get Premium and BlessingBead+

Yes, many will tell me ... are you insane ? NO ! Wanna know why ? Premium and BB+ increase the drop rate, am i right ? They do not increase the quality, but rather the number of items dropped. BUT here is where it gets interesting. YOU DON'T CARE about the quality, because the set improves it. So all you need is to drop as many things as possible from mobs, so that the drop set affects it.Example :If you are a regular user, you have 100 titanium drops. Out of these 100, because of the set, you have 5 double slotted.

In the same time, a premium + Blessing Bead Plus user, drops 50% more (25+25). That means he gets 150 swords. Because of the set, he has 7.5 titanium items (let's say 8 swords). This is a 50% efficiency increase.

Rule of Thumb : Make sure you have good drop rates (not quality) and the set will take care of the quality. You just have to make sure things drop.

Do not farm for 2 slotted items with less than 45 times

If you choose to farm with less than 45 times, you probably won't feel the difference. Even if for example you might drop a double slotted item from time to time, don't be so happy. IT'S NOWHERE NEAR what happens when you reach 45+ times.


1) Get ALZ sets to farm alz and afford 2SlotItem drop parts (titanium crafted with 30% alz) and then enchant randomly (level 2) to get Alz in-slot.

Then you get Craft Bonus + Alz in Slot + Extend it (even more alz) and add a sumplimentary bonus (could even be a second alz enchant)

This will help you into farming that needed extra cash in order to buy the pieces, if you can't find the as explained further below.

Crafted Item Bonus (Professional Crafting) : 3.0 if perfect Craft
Crafted Drop : 3.5 times
Drop in Slot : 2.5 times
Drop in Slot - Extended : 4.0 times

2) Get BlessingBead+for those alz bombs ..The ALZ bombs are INSANE .. you drop them very often, they reach 12 - 15k a piece easily (multiplied by 15 piles). That's an easy 200k .. Sometimes i get even 30 an hour .. that's 6kk only from the measly alz bombs, +regular alz drop +items, etc.

3) WORK TOGETHER as a team (not only inside guild, but as a community) Yes, it might sound tedious, but you need help. If each big guild makes at least 5 sets for their most active users, their progress is imense.

4) Go farming in lower maps even if high level

Where do these items drop ? In the same places that regular items drop.

What is the quality order ? Here you go

Titanium Clean
Titanium +1, +2, +3 Clean
Titanium Slotted Clean
Titanium Slotted +1, +2, +3 Clean
Titanium Crafted (No slots, but a random craft)Titanium Enchanted in Slot (THIS IS WHAT YOU ARE AFTER)
Titanium Double Slotted

What does this mean ? Get your best set that you managed to gather (The 2slot drop one - even if at 35 - 40 times) and start farming places where REGULAR TITANIUM drops ..

This means ALL FORT RUINA spots and ofc PL Dark Bladers.
As others have found theirs, you will find these items also.

2 Slot Item Drop Set

Click on the picture to view

Read this chart , keeping in mind the following :

ALZ Drop Amount = Increases the QUANTITY of ALZ dropped

This will make your ALZ dropped be worth more
1 Slot Item Drop = Increases the chance that the item will be spawned with 1 slot

This will basically increase the chances of getting slotted stuff (be it mithril or titanium)
2 Slot Item Drop = Increases the chance that the item will be spawned with 2 slots

This will increase the chances that you get a 2 slotted item (as long as the item can be spawned under normal circumstances from that mob, and if the item property allows it)
Increase the item drop rate = Increases the ACTUAL drop rate of things in-game

From the description of the items (bracelets + earrings + amulet + rings) this seems to improve the overall drop in the game, be it discs, shapes, items, materials, etc. Couple this with the 25% bonus from Premium and other bonuses, and you become a powerhouse.

Now read the possibility of the chart and let's discuss on its possible truthfulness

Click on the picture to view

In time, i hope that at least 10% or 25% of the population reaches a moment when they own such a 45 Times minimum set .. and we can finally take our revenge on those Koreans for trying to turn us Oriental, like they do it.

YES : Korea has such drops and items,

BECAUSE THEY FOUND OUT WHAT I SAID ABOVE, AGES BEFORE WE DID IN EU ! And i think 50% of the Koreans have such a set to maximize their findings.

Why did i write this ? :Because it's about time you guys opened up your eyes and started doing something to actually FORCE the items into dropping.

Give me a break with : I want to level up and get items along the way.

If you want items, then go back to the place where those items drop and friggin start FARMING THEM ... They won't drop out of the sky. ONLY YOU can make them drop, not the Korean devs.

Thanks to RatzaTM for the tips...


So, as more players start to Farm … the Drop Rate is Higher (Higher for both Farmers and non-Farmers)

Where to Farm?
Level 65 – 100 — Farming in Fort Ruina
Level 100 – above — Farming in Undead Ground

Fort Ruina

Personal Drops
Alz & Alz Bombs
Chaos Lamps / Map Parts / Ruina Stations
Cores (Upgrade Core Medium & Force Core Medium)
Extract Potions (DEX / INT / STR)

Craft Material Drops
Discs / Cartridges Lvl 2
Titanium Stuff – Material Core Titanium
Other Materials / Circuit Jewel Lvl 2
Craft Item Drops:
Amulet of Guard +5 / +6
1 Slot Titanium Stuff

Undead Ground

Personal Drops
Alz & Alz Bombs
Chaos Lamps / Frozen Tower B1F / Ruina Stations
Cores (Upgrade Core High & Force Core High)
Extract Potions (DEX / INT / STR)

Craft Material Drops
Discs / Cartridges Lvl 3
Osmium Stuff (Gear) & Titanium Stuff (Weapons) – Material Core Osmium & Titanium
Other Materials / Circuit Jewel Lvl 3

Craft Item Drops
Various Amulets / Rings
1 Slot Osmium Stuff & 1 Slot Titanium Stuff

Note: For ALL the Stuff that you get from Farming you get Alz !
Note: The Discs / Shapes / Material Core Titanium / Circuit Jewel / AoG / Slotted Titanium – You sell them … you do not have to give them for FREE … the point in this is that you have to SELL them, so you get your Alz for farming and the Craft Community has more Materials for Crafting.

Farm with Luck Set
Now I will show you how to Improve your Farming Skills and How to get a big Alz Drop from Mobs.

1. You need – 1x Aramid / ShadowSteel of Luck Set +3
Aramid / ShadowSteel Set of Luck +3 Maximum Alz Drop Rate (30%) / Item
Note: Gloves only have 2 Slot Drop Increase (+3 – 200%)

2. You need – 1x Amulet of Seven Coins +1 / 2x Ring of Seven Coins +1
Amulet / Rings of 7 Coins +1 40% Alz Drop – Amulet / 20% Alz Drop – Ring

3. You need – 2x Bracelet of Seven Coins +1 / 2x Earring of Seven Coins +1
Bracelet / Earring of 7 Coins +1 20% Alz Drop – Bracelet / 20% Alz Drop Earring

With a set like the one I said you need (Mine has Bracelets / Earrings +0) you will have:

1. 310% Alz Drop Amount Increase (You will see that from every mob you will get 3 – 3.5K Alz in FR & 3.5 – 4K Alz in UG)
2. 200% 2 Slot Item Drop Chance Increase

The Cost involving an Alz Set (Aramid / ShadowSteel of Luck) are Very Low

Helm – ~ 200K
Suit – ~ 400K
Gloves – ~ 200K
Boots – ~ 200K
Amulet – ~ 500K
Ring – ~ 500K
Bracelet – ~ 500K – 1M
Earring – ~ 500K – 1M

Total : Around 3 – 4M – So don’t be greedy.

Click on the picture to view

My advice is to START Farming right now. Buy a Luck Sets with 7coins jewelries and you will see your Alz drop growing bigger.For every Hour in Fort Ruina (At MechZards / Auto Cannon Ex) you will get 1.000.000 Alz with a proper Alz Set.For every Hour in Undead Ground (At Lihorn Zombie) you will get 2.000.000 Alz or more with a proper Alz Set.Good Luck!

Farm Test
Personal Findings / Conclusions / Drops

1 Hour in Undead Ground at Lihorn Zombies Drop
400K Alz
1x Alz Bomb (150K)
4x Chaos Lamp
1x EOD
1x RS
1x Titanium Blade +3 Slotted
1x Titanium Katana +0 Slotted
1x Amulet of Bless +3
1x Extract Potion INT
1x Extract Potion STR
Other Titanium Stuff
Other OSM Stuff
Various Materials
I got in UG at Lihorn Zombies a FC No.50 that is 30M +

My conclusion: Good Place to Farm

1 Ruina Station Drop
1x Chaos Lamp
1x Normal Lapis Crystal
1x Dark Disc Lvl 3
1x Osmium Clean Slot
1x Alz Bomb
Titanium / Shadow Titanium / Pherystin / Aqua Stuff

My conclusion : Bad Place to Farm

Originally Posted by [GM]Zaraki of Cabal Euro
There’s no SOLO drop, as the generator of items reads the whole data info, not your char info. So the so called “Luck” is not char related, it’s global.

WOW-Wrath Of The Lich King

WOW-Wrath Of The Lich King
World Of Warcraft-Wrath Of The Lich King(WOTLK)
MMORPG games from Blizzard, WOTLK is the MMORPG games based on the World Of Warcaft III heroes. For all MMORPG gamerz this games will be the best games ever, and it is release by Blizzard. The character in this games are build based on the gamerz choice, and it means everything from the race, class, waepon & etc. You have to install the World Of Warcraft-Burning Crusade first to install WOTLK because WOTLK is the expansion of the WOW-Burning Crusade.

Watak berdasarkan warna

Semua orang mempunyai satu warna kegemaran yang sangat disukai dari warna-warna yang lain. Dari warna tersebut kita dapat melihat watak seseorang berdasarkan warna kegemaran tersebut...(>.<)

Warna Biru
Jika anda menyukai warna biru, anda termasuk dalam golongan yang murung, selalu menyenangkan dan selalu bertindak pasif dalam segala hal. Mengharapkan ketenangan dan ketentraman. Selalu mengalami kesulitan atau kesukaran dalam pergaulan. Dalam soal bercinta pula anda pintar dalam menyembunyikan perasaan.

Warna Hijau
Jika anda menyukai warna hijau, maka anda adalah tergolong dalam golongan yang sangat romantik, menyukai keindahan, mengemari alam semula jadi dengan udara yang sejuk. Anda adalah seseorang yang selalu memegang prinsip. Dalam soal percintaan anda mengidamkan seorang teman hidup yang penuh toleransi dan boleh dipercaya.

Warna Kuning
Jika anda menyukai warna kuning anda memiliki sifat optimis. Anda tergolong dalam golongan periang dan senang bergaul, tidak memiliki penampilan yang kolot. Bersifat tolong-menolong yang sentiasa ada dalam diri anda, kerana menolong merupakan suatu kewajipan mutlak bagi anda. Anda adalah seorang yang tidak pernah merendahkan seseorang, walaupun seseorang itu lembab atau kurang cerdik.

Warna Merah
Jika anda mengemari warna merah, anda sangat berwibawa, senang memberi semangat kepada teman yang lemah. Walaupun anda senang berkawan dan peramah tapi kamu mampu mengawal diri. Ramai orang yang menyatakan cinta mereka terhadap anda, tetapi anda selalu berfikir dan berfikir lagi. Anda tergolong dalam golongan yang sukar untuk jatuh cinta.

Warna Ungu
Jika anda mengemari warna Ungu (Violet), anda adalah tergolong dalam golongan yang benar-benar luar biasa. Dalam menghadapi masa depan, anda tidak pernah ragu-ragu, apa yang dikerjakan oleh anda adalah yang terbaik. Anda bijak dalam mengikuti perkembangan semasa. Dalam soal percintaan, hanya orang yang mempunyai kekuatan mental yang mampu mendekati dan menjadi kekasih anda.

Warna Putih
Jika anda mengemari warna putih, maka anda adalah seorang yang dilahirkan ke dunia dengan sempurna, banyak orang mengagumi anda kerana sifat angun, ideal dan moral anda yang tinggi. Tidak angkuh, senang menolong siapa saja yang memerlukan bantuan anda.

Warna Hitam
Jika anda mengemari warna hitam anda tergolong dalam golongan orang yang sangat lincah dalam hal-hal tertentu saja. Jika anda termasuk dalam golongan yang tidak disukai, maka anda akan menjadi murung. Anda selalu tampil menarik, kemas. Ramai yang mencuba dan berusaha untuk mengejar dan merebut cinta anda.